4 Factors To Keep In Mind For A Front Yard Fence

13 December 2022
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Fencing in your front yard is a bit different than putting in a backyard fence. Front yard fences tend to serve a different purpose than those in the back. There are also concerns with maintaining the curb appeal of your home and the neighborhood when the fence is the first thing visitors see, so special care should be taken when choosing the right fence. The following can help you plan out the design if you dream of a home with a picket fence. 

1. Height Restrictions

Some municipalities or homeowner's associations have strict height restrictions for front yard fences. Typically, this means you can only put a short fence on the street-facing side of the home. Always check with any regulatory bodies in your area to verify the maximum height allowances. When applying for a permit, you will have to provide basic plans including the height, so making sure you are within the rules is relatively simple. 

2. Material Options

You can find picket fencing made from wood, vinyl, or metal materials. Wood is a traditional option that is low-cost and versatile. Vinyl is an excellent no-maintenance alternative to wood, with many vinyl products available that mimic the look of wood. Metal options include classic wrought iron along with modern products like powder-coated aluminum. Both are durable, but wrought iron will occasionally require rust sanding and repainting.

3. Functionality Types

There are different types of front yard fences for different functions, so make sure to choose one that fits your needs. Solid fences can provide some privacy, even if it is only a low fence. Solid fencing can also work as a barrier to wind. If you only need a barrier to contain pets or children, but don't want to block sight lines, then open pickets can be suitable if they are spaced closely enough so no one can squeeze between the pickets. 

4. Style Basics

Basic style can be limited by your material choice, with wood fencing providing the most options as it is custom-built to suit and the pickets can be cut in a variety of shapes. Wood and metal also offer the opportunity to have a fence in any color required, while vinyl is limited to just a few color options. Vinyl comes in a few different styles, as does metal. Custom wrought iron is also a choice if you want something unique. 

Contact a fence company to begin the design process for your new front yard fence.