Want To Start Boarding Dogs At Home? Install A Fence In Your Backyard

12 January 2021
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Working with dogs by walking them and watching other people's dogs inside their homes can give you a ton of experience and help you figure out whether you want to dive further into the line of work. If you decide that you love working with dogs enough that you want to start boarding dogs at your house, you should hire a residential fencing company to install a backyard fence.

Free Roam

A great benefit of getting a fence in your backyard is being able to give free roam to all the dogs that stay at your house. This will prevent you from having to go out into the backyard with leashed dogs and stay out there until they are finished playing around or going to the bathroom.

Providing free roam is ideal for giving dogs a chance to run around because they will not have a leash that is preventing them from running around all throughout the backyard. As soon as you make this addition, you can include in your service description that you are able to provide all dogs with free roam of the backyard, which is something that will appeal to some dog owners.


An important quality to get with backyard fencing is privacy because you want to minimize the chance that any dogs end up barking at things that they see outside. By going with a solid wood or vinyl fence throughout the entire backyard, you will prevent birds, squirrels, pedestrians, and vehicles passing by from becoming a trigger for dogs that may bark at the sight of these things.

This is another quality that dog owners may appreciate, especially when they know that their dog has such habits because they would feel confident about them not barking much or at all.


With a tall and solid backyard fence, you can look forward to protecting all the dogs that stay at your house. If you are worried about an animal such as coyotes, you can even add coyote rollers to the top part of the entire fence as this will stop them from getting into the backyard. This will make you feel better about even small dogs spending time outside while you are in the house.

If you want to start boarding dogs at your house as an extra dog-related service, you should make a commitment to installing a backyard fence that can provide essential benefits and qualities. Talk to a fence contractor to get started.