Want To Paint Your Cedar Fence? Follow These Steps

14 March 2019
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If you have a cedar fence that is not looking so great these days, know that you always have the option to paint the wood and give it a fresh makeover. Here are the steps you need to take to paint your cedar wood fencing.


One way that you can clean your fencing material is to loosen all of the dirt and debris on the surface with a wire brush. Running the brush over the wood when it's dry will help remove all of the dirt and debris from the surface.


You'll need to wait for a day when you have stretches of dry weather before and after you paint. The fence itself should be dry before you paint and have enough days without rain afterward for the paint to dry.


You'll want to select a quality primer that will help give the wood a good seal and smooth out the surface. This helps the paint apply to the wood in a way that looks smooth and even, which is a necessary part of the painting process. For the best defense against the weather, only use a sealant rated for outdoor uses since it gives the most protection against decay and wood rot. Always follow the instructions provided with the primer since it will tell you how many coats are necessary and how long to wait until you can apply an additional coat.


Start by going around the fence and identifying areas that will be difficult to paint, such as places where posts or rails come together, or where hardware is located. Take the time to use a small paintbrush and cut in around these areas. It will help ensure that they are painted properly when covering the majority of the fence's surface.

Once all of the nooks of the fence have been painted, you can continue with covering the remainder of the fence with paint. You can switch to a larger paintbrush or a roller, whichever is easier for you to get the job done. Try to apply the paint with the grain of the wood to get a smooth look out of the paint once it dries. If you go in too many directions, you may see lines in the paint job that are not ideal.

For help with maintaining or replacing a fence, be sure to work with a local fencing contractor for assistance.