Trending Fence Options

5 December 2018
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If you are trying to choose which type of fencing you would like to have installed around your property, then you may want to think about going with some of the more popular current fencing trends. This way, you can give your yard a great look that is currently in, so you will more than likely fit in with other houses in your area. This will help give your house fantastic curb appeal and will bring you a sense of pride each time you pull up to your home and see the great improvements you have made, including the fantastic fencing choice. Here are some of the current fencing trends.

Alternatives to natural wood fencing

When people wanted wood fencing in the past, they had one option and that was to go with real wood. Now, there are other choices you can go with besides real wood. You can have a vinyl fence installed that is designed to look like natural wood. The benefits of going with these alternatives to wood fencing include having a fence that will naturally last longer and that won't require the amount of maintenance and repairs that a real wood fence need to have. You also won't have to worry about things like rotting wood and damage by pests, including carpenter ants and termites.

Creatively designed fences

You may have become used to seeing the more traditional fencing, which include solid fences, straight wrought iron fencing, semi-privacy fencing, picket fencing and split rail post fencing. However, now fencing trends include a lot of different designs. An example of these types of fences include fencing made out of two or more materials, such as a fence with a bottom made of bricks with a top made of wood and a lattice topper. Or, you can have a wood fence with a decorative wrought iron gate with an ornamental design in the middle. You can go with a brick or stone wall that's a couple feet tall and a chain link fence for the upper portion of the fence; this is a nice way to add a little more to the looks of a chain link fence.

Dual-painted fencing

More people are starting to paint their wood and alternative wood fences to match their houses. They generally paint the main section of the fencing to match the main color of the home and then the posts to match the trim of the house. Of course, you can also paint your fence any color you want and don't necessarily need to match the color you went with for the house.

Tall privacy fences

More people are becoming interested in protecting their privacy by having tall fences installed. The height of the average fence is 4 to 6 feet, but some people are opting for fences that measure over the 6-foot mark, so they can decrease the chances of someone tall seeing onto their property. Also, the taller fences can help keep more wildlife out of a person's yard.

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