Worried About Your Kids Damaging A New Fence? 3 Ways To Prevent Any Issues

13 October 2016
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While fencing can help make your home more secure when you have children and give you the confidence that they're better protected while playing in the yard, it's vital that you also look into how you can go about taking good care of the fencing. Children can get quite destructive while playing outdoors, climbing and throwing items against the fence while playing. In order for you to get the secure fencing that you desire while also making sure that your fencing is protected, you need to consider what you can do to best protect the fence.

Choose Fencing That Can't Be Scaled Easily

One way that your fencing can be significantly damaged by your kids is making the mistake of choosing fencing that can be climbed with ease. Your kids may enjoy climbing over the fence for fun or when they want to get in and out of your yard as they get older. The problem with this is the fence is often not designed to support the weight of your children. Not only can your children get hurt by climbing over the fence, but your fence can be significantly damaged as well.

Choose fencing that can't be climbed as easily, such as iron fences with vertical posts, or even Plexiglass fencing, over wood that has horizontal beams which could be used as steps to climb over.

Include a Gate Your Older Kids Can Use

Since your kids will likely want to get in and out of your yard when they're older and allowed to play outside of your fenced in yard, you need to make sure that you include a gate that they're comfortable using. In order for the gate to work well for them, you need to make sure that it's located at a height that works for them and can be locked with ease. Including a key or a code that they can enter in will make the gate easy to use and secure at the same time.

Add Landscaping Nearby for Added Prevention

The most important thing to do when you want to make sure that your yard is landscaped with the fencing in mind is include some shrubs near the fence perimeter. Not only will it help beautify the fencing, it can also make it harder for your kids to potentially damage the fencing by obstructing their access to the fence.

As you prepare for having a fence installed in your backyard, you need to make sure to keep your kids in mind. With the tips above in mind, your fencing can fit right in and you won't need to worry about them damaging the fence due to something that could have been prevented. For more information, contact companies like Alco Fence Company.