4 Reasons To Go With Vinyl For Your New Fence

28 March 2016
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If you're thinking of putting up a new fence on your property, you obviously have multiple choices available as to what type of material to use. While wood fences may be common, one type of material that you may not have considered yet is vinyl. Vinyl fencing brings with it several benefits in comparison to other types that you may want to take into consideration. Here are four reasons to go with vinyl for your new fence.

Easier to Clean

Vinyl is an incredibly easy material to keep clean. Most property owners can simply spray it down with a hose and watch the grass or dirt fall away. The dirt won't stick as easily to the vinyl as it might to other materials such as wood. Dirt that stays on the vinyl fence for a long time will not cause permanent discoloration like it can with wood sometimes.

No Pests to Worry About

When it comes to worrying about keeping your fencing clean, vinyl fence owners will also never have to deal with a common problem that comes with wood fencing: termites and other bugs that are attracted to wood. Wood fence owners often have to use poison and other substances to try and keep these pests at bay, but that's something that, as a vinyl fence owner, you won't have to deal with.

Long-Term Durability

Vinyl is known to be a very strong and durable material. It can withstand tough weather conditions, including wind, snow and rain. If you live in a beach town, vinyl is also the preferred material to withstand exposure to sea water. Vinyl fencing is not likely to lose its color, especially when compared to wood fencing. There is no need to regularly repaint or re-stain your vinyl fence. There's also no need to worry about adding primer or a rust protectant. 

Cheap and Easy to Install

Vinyl fencing, traditionally speaking, is less expensive than wood. It also comes pre-designed in strips that require very little effort to set up. Just slide the rails into your posts and make sure the posts are in the ground, and that's it-- you're done. There are no nails required. 

Vinyl fencing is easier to clean than wood while also being more durable, less expensive and easier to install. If you haven't yet considered vinyl for your new fence, reach out to a local fence contractor today for more information.