Vinyl Fencing Questions Answered

21 March 2016
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Many homeowners have opted to install vinyl fencing because of how durable it is, the ease of maintenance and installation, and simply because it is beautiful. If you are considering installing vinyl fencing around your property, you probably have a few questions. Here, you can find the answer of some of the most common questions about vinyl fencing to help make your decision much easier.

Are different brands of vinyl fencing made of the same materials?

The easy answer is yes – they are made of the same materials, but there are two variations of the product that should be kept in mind.

Non-Virgin Vinyl – Made using recycled materials. This environmentally friendly option is sought after because of the way it reuses so many materials and keeps them out of landfills. Before choosing a non-virgin vinyl fence, take some time to read through reviews about the product before buying it. Some manufacturers are better at taking the recycled material and transforming it into durable fencing than others. Some just won't offer the durability that you want with a vinyl fence.

Virgin Vinyl – Made using only pure materials. Virgin vinyl is more resilient and can withstand the natural abuse that it will go through, including the damaging UV rays.

Do vinyl fences become discolored?

If you do your part in keeping up with the maintenance of the vinyl fence, discoloration shouldn't be a problem. Taking a hose and spraying the fencing a couple times each year should be all that is needed to keep the debris from settling on the fence and causing it to become discolored.

Unlike wood fencing, mildew shouldn't be a problem. Wood fencing is organic and provides the mildew the perfect home to grow and spread. The only time you will have to worry about mildew is if you don't wash the dirt off of the fencing and give the mildew something to root in and grow.

Can you paint a vinyl fence?

Although there is no real need to paint a vinyl fence if you maintain it properly, it is possible to paint it if you select the right type of paint meant for use on vinyl products. You will have to sand the surface to rough it up enough for the paint to adhere to it and you will have to use careful application techniques to achieve a smooth finish, but it is possible.

Note: Before you paint a vinyl fence, talk with the manufacturer first. Painting it could void any type of warranty that is in place.

Any further questions can be answered by your local fencing professional. Take your time and make your decisions carefully to ensure that you end up with the fencing that looks great and lasts many years.

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