Building A Dog Fence? Make Sure Your Dog Can't Dig Under It!

14 March 2016
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Fencing in your yard can make life as a dog owner so much easier. You can just let your dog out by himself rather than taking him out on a leash. When you're outside with your pet, you step into the home for a few minutes without having to bring your dog in. Of course, these things are only true if your fence is actually effective at keeping your dog in the yard. If your dog is able to dig under the fence, the fence isn't really worthwhile. Thankfully, when you're building a fence for your dog, you have two options when it comes to making that fence nearly impossible to dig under.

Pour concrete under the fence.

This option works best if you have a small yard or are just fencing in a portion of your yard. It can be too large and expensive an endeavor for very long fences. Before the fence is put into place, you (or your fencing contractor) should dig a "moat" a foot or so to the inside of what will be the fence line.  It should be about 2 feet deep. This moat should be filled with concrete. The concrete should end a few inches below the soil's surface.

Once the concrete has dried, dirt can be pushed back over the concrete barrier. The fence can then be placed just outside the concrete barrier. When your dog tries to dig under the fence, he will run into the concrete and be unable to dig any further.

Extend the fence below ground.

This option is better if you have a very large fence. It works better with metal or vinyl fences than with wood, since wood will decay below the ground. When putting up the fence, you (or your fencing contractor) will dig about 2 feet below the ground, right beneath where the fence will go. The fence should be made so that there are bottom panels that sit in this dug-out space. These panels can then be buried, so the fence essentially extends below the ground. 

When your dog digs, he will just keep running into fence and will give up. You will be able to see the hole and fill it in before your dog gets all of the way down under the buried portion of the fence.

To learn more about these options for making your fence dig-proof, talk to a fencing contractor like Hahn-AA Fencing