4 Ideas For Creating A Private Alcove In Your Yard With Fencing

9 March 2016
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Creating a private alcove in your backyard can provide you with a relaxing space to read, enjoy drinks with friends, or even take a nap on a warm, summer afternoon. If you are curious about how to create a private space in your yard that feels separate from the rest of your landscaping, it is a good idea to explore how fencing can be used. To prevent the private alcove from feeling too closed-off, consider some of the following tips so that it looks welcoming, but still provides the privacy you desire.

Add Greenery with Climbing Vines

An easy way to liven up the seating area in your yard is through the use of climbing vines. Whether your fencing already has grooves that will help support the vines or you need to lean a trellis against the fence, it can make a big difference in how natural the fencing looks and the style it can add to the rest of your yard. Some fast-growing vines to consider include hops, moonflower, and coral honeysuckle.

Mount Candles Using Fencing Hooks

To add some soft lighting that can be enjoyed in the evening, consider the use of mounted candles. While candles will need to be supervised when lit, they can add a relaxing glow and make your private alcove even more romantic. To get the candles safely mounted, consider the use of fencing hooks that can provide holders for candles.

Use Paint To Add Life to the Fence

If your fencing still has a dark or light pine color from the wood, you may feel that the fencing stands out in the rest of your landscaping. To get the fencing to suit the rest of your yard, including the fabrics for seating pillows, potted plants, and even curtains, consider painting the fence with outdoor-safe paint.

Make Sure To Keep the Alcove Accessible

When trying to create a private alcove in your backyard, you may be set on making it look hidden away. The problem with this is that it can be difficult to reach, especially if it is farther in the back of your yard, leading to it being used less. By making sure any openings to the alcove are large enough to easily move inside, along with being able to comfortably move furniture in and out, you can feel reassured that you will use it more often.

As you prepare for the prospect of getting fencing installed in your yard, take the above tips into consideration so that the private alcove can fit exactly what you are looking for. 

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