Keep Your New Pool Safe With A Fence

8 March 2016
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If you are installing a new pool in your backyard this year, make sure that you also install a fence around your pool as well. A fence can keep both children and pets out of your pool when there is no adult supervision. A fence can also keep outdoor pests out of your pool. Here are a few things you should take into consideration when deciding all the details surrounding your new pool fence.  

The Height Of Your Fence

If you want to keep young children out of your pool area, your fence needs to be tall enough that they cannot easily grasp the top of your fence and pull themselves over. If you have young children under the age of six, you will want to install a fence that is about as tall as you are, at least five or six feet tall, if not taller. There is no federal pool fence law; however, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that all fences be at least four feet tall, although taller is preferable. This should be tall enough that your children will not be able to grab onto the top and pull themselves over the fence and into the pool when you are not present.

If you have any dogs you are trying to keep out of your pool area, a taller fence will make it more difficult for them to jump over the fence and into the pool when you are not around.

The Location Of Your Gate Latch

If you are trying to keep young children out of your pool area with your fence, it is vital that you pay attention to the location of the gate latch. The latch should be placed near the top of the fence so your children cannot just pull down the latch and gain access to the pool area. 

The Type Of Gate

Be sure to check and see if your state has any rules regarding the type of gate you need to have around your pool. You may want to invest in a gate that is self-closing. This will prevent your gate from getting left open and letting your children and pets in your pool area unsupervised.

The Depth Of Your Fence

If you know that you have lots of natural pests in your area, such as squirrels, mice and other rodents that you want to keep out of your pool area, you should also think about the depth of your fence. The depth of your fence is also important to consider if you have a dog that likes to dig or a cat that likes to squeeze under small openings.

To keep pests and pets out of your pool area, you may want to bury your fence underground a bit as well. Use what you know about your pets to make a determination of how far down is far enough, although for most pets and pests, six inches to a foot of underground fence should be enough to deter them. 

The Material Your Fence Is Made Out Of

Finally, you need to decide what type of material you want your fence made out of. Ideally, your fence should not have any footholds on them that children could use to climb over your fence. Also, your fence should not have any gaps in it that your children could squeeze through. 

There are many materials made specifically for pool fences. One very popular type of material is interlocking mesh fabric, that comes in a variety of different colors. This material can be buried into the ground, and is next to impossible for a small child to climb over. It also provides visibility, so you can see into your pool area even with the fence around it. 

In order to create a safe environment around your new pool, make sure that your fence and gate latch are high enough to keep out both pets and animals. Talk to your pool installer about how to create the safest fence for your new pool area.