Is Your Wood Fence Too Rotten To Repair?

3 June 2022
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If your wood fence is faded and falling down, you may wonder if it is possible to repair it. If your fence is affected by wood rot, you may want to go ahead and replace it. The wood may be too badly damaged to simply repair. The following information can help you decide whether or not to repair your fence or replace it with a new one.

Does Your Fence Contain Wood Rot? 

Wood fencing is one of the common and popular types of fencing used today. The fencing goes well with many types of residential homes and properties. However, wood fencing can experience problems over time, including wood rot. Wood rot can weaken your fence's panels and posts without notice.

Wood rot is a fungus that grows on the surfaces of damp wood. The fungus slowly consumes the wood until it becomes weak, soft, and brittle. The wood will also become faded or discolored in places. 

Wood rot can damage painted wood as well. The fungus tends to dry out the surface of the paint, which causes it to peel away from the fence. The paint may also fade or discolor with time.

You can prevent wood rot with the precautions. However, you need to have a fence contractor help you protect your fence from wood rot.

How Do You Replace Your Wood Fence?

The first thing a fence contractor may do is examine your fence. Sunlight and heat can also fade or discolor wood fences. Fencing can collapse or lean if its posts loosen up in the ground. A contractor needs to rule out anything that may affect your fence.

If your fence contains wood rot, a contractor can replace the boards and posts for you. A contractor can keep wood rot from damaging your fence in the future by sealing and flashing it. Flashing is a metal material contractors use to redirect water away from the surface of a structure. Sealing prevents moisture from settling on the surface of your fence. 

If you don't think the repairs above will suit your needs, go ahead and install a brand new fence around your home. You may want to install a treated or pressurized wood fence around your home. Treated wood comes with special additives that prevent water from soaking into it. 

To learn more about wood rot and how to prevent it contact your local wood fence service.