4 Ideas To Help Spruce Up Wrought Iron Fences With Custom Features And Details

27 September 2018
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Wrought iron fences are durable and attractive solutions or the home, but they often have a plane look and few options for customization. You may want to consider improvements for your wrought iron fence that give it an attractive custom appearance, such as adding wood pickets for privacy or custom crafted gates. Here are some ideas that will help you spruce up your wrought iron fence with custom features:

1. Adding Wood Pickets for An Attractive Privacy Solution

Wood is a great solution for privacy fencing, which can be integrated into other fencing materials like wrought iron. If you are looking for ways to add privacy to specific areas, such as in a backyard outdoor living space, wood is a great solution. You can add wood picket materials to the area of the wrought iron fence that you want to have more privacy. With wood, you also have the choices of many different materials and colored stains to accent your wrought iron fence.

2. Attractive Custom Crafted Wrought Iron Gates 

You may also want to consider adding custom crafted wrought iron gates. With custom gates, personalized features and decoration can be added to make your fence more attractive. You may want to consider features like metal arches or lettering that can be integrated into the design of the gate when it is installed.

3. Lighting Features Integrated into Wrought Iron Fence Posts

The lighting around your landscaping is usually near your home and garden areas. There are options to give outdoor spaces more lighting, which can be good for areas that you use frequently. For an attractive outdoor lighting solution, consider integrating lighting into the wrought iron fence posts. There are many options for wrought iron light posts to install with your new fence, which can create an attractive custom look for your new fence.

4. Adding Decorative Details and Features for Wrought Iron Fencing

One of the great things about wrought iron fencing is that it gives you many options for decorative details. The details can be features like custom gates, as well as ornamental details for sections of fencing. You can use ornamental decorative features where the fence is visible and then use plane sections for areas where details are not as important for appearance.

These are some tips to help spruce up your wrought iron fence with custom features. If you need a new fence or help with custom improvements, contact a wrought iron fence service.