Turn Your Fence Into Something Festive

21 March 2016
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If you want to spread a little cheer this spring, decorate your property fences to add a festive, colorful touch. Depending on the type of fence that you have, there are some clever ideas that will give your otherwise plain fence some pop, and that provide a tasteful accent for the spring season.

Try some of the following suggestions to give your fence some flair:

Chain link fences.

Chain link fences can look rather ordinary, but are the perfect canvas to create some whimsical displays with ease. Try these ideas:

  • Hang some planters or individual pots on the fence and plant individual seedlings or bulbs for a living wall.
  • Use dried moss from the craft store to make small bird nests to tuck in between the links. Hot glue some small, plastic eggs to the moss if you like.
  • Use metal fixtures to hang a variety of rubber boots on the fence, in a row. Pick up a variety of used boots at any thrift store.
  • Check out vintage stores and gardening sites for cool metal art that can be hung for a festive touch.

Wood or vinyl picket.

Picket fences provide ample opportunities to decorate during holidays and special times of the year. Consider some of these simple suggestions:

  • Hang empty picture frames, without the glass, at varying heights along the pickets.
  • If you don't mind something permanent, consider a large painted mural on a wood fence. You might also find washable paint that will provide temporary art on vinyl fences.
  • Hang window-boxes at different heights all along the fence to bring it to life when the flowers bloom.
  • A wood house has character when you hang a few brightly-colored birdhouses on it.

Gates and arbors.

A gate or arbor that enters a fenced-in section of your yard looks naturally beautiful with climbing plants and vines. Be careful not to use vines that can foster moisture and mold against your gate or arbor, as this can stain the surface. Instead, perhaps opt for silk, dried, or light- stemmed plants that won't create the environment for mold to grow.

Welcome the spring with a decorated fence and gate to bring an alluring aesthetic and festive focal point to your property. Talk with fencing contractors about upgrading your current fence, or about adding features such as gates and arbors for increased utility and added curb appeal. Giving your fence a touch of spring will send an inviting message that neighbors and passers-by will notice. 

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